BioDOGradable | 200 Bag Box


Clean up after your furry friend in an eco-friendly way with bioDOGradable Compostable Dog Waste Bags. Made with certified bio-based material, they are 100% compostable and offer higher strength than plastic bags.

These bags are leak-proof and contain no chemicals for the safety of your partner and the environment. bioDOGradable Compostable Dog Waste Bags serve as a great alternative to eco-destructive single-use plastic bags.


  • The upgraded material makes the bags easy to open—they tear at the perforated seam with ease and the new sticker adhesive helps stop bag tears on the refill rolls.
  • A trusted US manufacturer that meets some of the highest compost standards including, European EU 13432, TUV Austria OK Compost for Industrial, Home and Marine, BNQ of Quebec, USDA Bio-based and Compost Manufacturing Alliance.
  • Crafted from corn bi-products and vegetable oils, creating a natural color and smell similar to popcorn!
  • With or without oxygen, each bag will naturally biodegrade, so you can discard them with peace of mind.
  • The ink used to make the print is water-based, so you and your pet don't have to worry about harmful chemicals.