Bully Boy | Bully Boy Beef Nibs 7 oz


Awesome Gourmet Jerky Treats for Your Dog!

Slow Roasted and Smoked For a Delicious Flavor and Tender Treat Your Dog Will Love.

  • ONLY THE BEST – Bully Boy’s Beef Jerky Sticks are made from only farm-raised cattle in the USA. These healthy and natural treats never contain any artificial flavoring, fillers and contain no corn, soy, wheat or gluten.
  • SLOW ROASTED AND SMOKED FOR AWESOME GOODNESS – Our Bully Boy Jerky Treats are slow smoked for more than 15 hours giving them a unique flavor that your dogs will go crazy over.
  • PROFITS DONATED – Bully Boy Donates portions of its profits from each bag to various non-profit organizations that help
  • FREE BULLY BOY STICKER – Free vinyl Bully Boy logo sticker with every purchase