Bully Boy | Bully Boy Bully Sticks

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USA Beef - No Antibiotics/Hormones - Hand Picked - Healthy Lean Protein Chew That Your Dogs Will LOVE!

  • 100% PURE ALL NATURAL BEEF - Farm raised, manufactured and packaged in the USA, never from other countries.
  • QUALITY INSPECTED AND SORTED – Our team hand sorts and packs only the best quality pieces to ensure your dog gets top-notch awesome treats.
  • VALUE AND QUALITY – You will receive 12 ounces of goodness. This comes out to be around 10-12 sticks that are thick and come in a stay fresh bag.
  • HEALTHY AND SAFE – Bully Boy's bully sticks are high in protein and will provide hours of chewing pleasure for your dog or puppy.
  • AWESOME SMOKEY SMELL - these bully sticks are slow smoked for more than 25 hours to add a great taste and smell your dogs will go crazy over.